The second lesson scenario from the CLIMATE EATUCATION module


This is assumed to be the first lesson in a cycle that explores the relationship between our diet, our health, and its impact on the environment and climate around us. By actively participating in it, students build a map of connections between the production of raw food, its processing, storage, delivery to the consumer, waste at every stage, and they realize the impact of each of these elements on the nutritional value of the product and, consequently, on our health.

Basic information on these topics can be found in the section following aids:

  • teacher’s brochure (basic knowledge)
  • PowerPoint presentation (multimedia material)
  • links for self-learning
  • exercises for students: 1. No food waste – interview with a grandmother or an elderly lady, 2. Questionnaire – excessive packaging

We encourage you to download and use all these materials which are available below.

Pobierz “LESSON SCENARIO: Food - Impact on our health and the environment” LESSON-SCENARIO-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 76 razy – 147 KB

Pobierz “PRESENTATION: Food-Impact on our health and the environment” PRESENTATION-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 68 razy – 4 MB

Pobierz “BASIC KNOWLEDGE: Food-Impact on our health and the environment” BASIC-KNOWLEDGE-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 72 razy – 229 KB

Pobierz “EXERCISE 1. Food-Impact on our health and the environment” EXERCISE-1.-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 77 razy – 98 KB

Pobierz “EXERCISE 2. Food-Impact on our health and the environment” EXERCISE-2.-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 66 razy – 99 KB

Pobierz “SOURCES: Food-Impact on our health and the environment” SOURCES-Food-Impact-on-our-health-and-the-environment.pdf – Pobrano 75 razy – 73 KB


The scenario was developed by Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch, prepared under the Climate Eatucation grant, in the Food Wave project.

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.



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