Guidelines for the Green Deal

Four modules of the European Green Deal Strategy</span<


The study was prepared as part of the project “Visions, innovations and initiatives of Baltic youth for the Green Deal in local communities” implemented by PKE Pomeranian District as the leader and co-financed by the Project Support Facility (PSF) of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

As assumed in the project, the basis for the young people in taking initiatives and innovations in their local environment should be multidisciplinary knowledge on the European Green Deal strategy. It’s been divided into four modules, corresponding roughly to the policy fields to which this strategy is addressed. The following study aims to approximate the scope of the field defined by the title.


  1. Nature and biodiversity
  2. Climate and energy transformation
  3. Circular economy and industrial symbiosis
  4. Sustainable urban mobility

Consist of the following subchapters:

  1. Introduction and definitions
  2. Why do we need to implement a given element of the Green Deal Strategy
  3. Threats to a given issue
  4. EU Green Deal solutions on the topic
  5. How can you influence these solutions – CALL TO ACTION – there is a chance if we all get involved!!!

Materials available in PDF format can be downloaded below:

Pobierz “1. The first pillar- Nature and Biodiversity”

1.-The-first-pillar-Nature-and-Biodiversity.pdf – Pobrano 11 razy – 391,52 KB


Pobierz “2. The second pillar - Climate and Energy Transition”

2.-The-second-pillar-Climate-and-Energy-Transition.pdf – Pobrano 13 razy – 391,95 KB


Pobierz “3. The third pillar - The circular economy and the industrial symbiosis”

3.-The-third-pillar-The-circular-economy-and-the-industrial-symbiosis.pdf – Pobrano 12 razy – 357,27 KB


Pobierz “4.-The-fourth-pillar-Sustainable-urban-mobility.pdf”

4.-The-fourth-pillar-Sustainable-urban-mobility.pdf – Pobrano 11 razy – 600,76 KB