I don’t consume the climate –

solutions, what we can change in our lives

The third lesson scenario from the CLIMATE EATUCATION module


The lesson Climate Eatucation – Solutions, what we can change in our lives, “I don’t consume the climate” based on the knowledge acquired in the previous classes (food and climate and food and health) and the students’ knowledge, it inspires reflection and the creation of a set of necessary actions, both global / team and individual changes in consumer habits.
It helps to understand what needs to be done to achieve and consolidate change.
The scenario is an exemplary form of conducting a lesson. The scenario is accompanied by a short description of the issue and hyperlinks that allow you to expand your knowledge on your own.

Pobierz “LESSON SCENARIO - I don't consume the climate” LESSON-SCENARIO-I-dont-consume-the-climate-1.pdf – Pobrano 6 razy – 211 KB

Pobierz “PRESENTATION - I don't consume the climate” PRESENTATION-I-dont-consume-the-climate.pptx – Pobrano 6 razy – 3 MB

Pobierz “INTRODUCTION - I don't consume the climate” INTRODUCTION-I-dont-consume-the-climate.pdf – Pobrano 5 razy – 223 KB

Pobierz “CROSSWORD - I don't consume the climate” CROSSWORD-I-dont-consume-the-climate-1.pdf – Pobrano 5 razy – 156 KB

Pobierz “SOURCES - I don't consume the climate” SOURCES-I-dont-consume-the-climate.pdf – Pobrano 10 razy – 74 KB

The scenario was developed by Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch, prepared under the Climate Eatucation grant, in the Food Wave project.

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.


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