Report from the Final Conference of the PSF project

Baltic Youth’s visions, innovations and initiatives to Green Deal implemented in local communities</span<


The final conference of the project entitled “Baltic Youth’s visions, innovations and initiatives to Green Deal implemented in local communities” was organized in March and April by Polish Ecological Club Pomeranian Branch in the partnership with NGO Peipsi Cooperation Center from Tartu, Estonia, Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LGF) from Vilnius and Air Pollution & Climate Secretariat (AirClim) from Gothenburg, Sweden. This project received funding from the Project Support Facility (PSF) of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

The aim of the conference was not only to summarize the activities and effects of this project, which has been ongoing since November 2022, but also to highlight certain application conditions (application in practice) of the proposals and innovative concepts of activities reported by young project participants.

Already in January this year, as part of preparations for the conference, a survey on declared social attitudes and practical actions was sent to PKE activists and supporters, both the older generation and the young (including participants of the Green Transformers workshops conducted last year). . The survey concerned attitudes towards the environment and the understanding of key concepts such as community, cooperation, common good and sustainable development. An identical survey – but in English – was sent to our partners. The content of the survey and its preliminary results can be found on the “What kind of society are we” website.

The conference was conducted in two stages: the first, at the Baltic level, was an online meeting of Partners’ representatives, and the second – limited to Polish participants, had the character of an open debate with the participation of the final beneficiaries, i.e. young people and university staff. The report from this second stage can be found at the link EKOAGORA MIND RAVE.

The Baltic stage conference was opened by Dr. Marek Bukowski from the Medical University of Gdańsk and Dr. Wioleta Dryl from the University of Gdańsk, whose task was to provide the background for further discussion, through presentations under the general title “Our common future in the era of changing values and the climate crisis”.

Pobierz “1. Our common future in the era of changing values and the climate crisis.”

1.-Our-common-future-in-the-era-of-changing-values-and-the-climate-crisis-.pdf – Pobrano 13 razy – 355,71 KB

Pobierz “TEAM WORKS - for the future; presentation of MAREK BUKOWSKI”

TEAM-WORKS-for-the-future-presentation-of-MAREK-BUKOWSKI.pdf – Pobrano 9 razy – 921,06 KB


An important part of the Conference were presentations of the activities of all Partners and the specifics of their implementation. We encourage you to read them.

Pobierz “2. PKE OP - summary of activities.”

2.-PKE-OP-activities-summary-of-activities.pdf – Pobrano 13 razy – 2,13 MB


Pobierz “3. Lithuanian Fund for Nature - summary of activities.”

3.-Lithuanian-Fund-for-Nature-summary-of-activities.pdf – Pobrano 11 razy – 975,97 KB


Pobierz “4. Peipsi CTC Estonia - summary of activities.pdf”

4.-Peipsi-CTC-Estonia-Summary-of-activities.pdf – Pobrano 10 razy – 1,01 MB


Then, in the form of a seminar discussion, attempts were made to analyze the specificity of project implementation in various countries and answer the questions: How does the current young generation in individual Partner countries understand the concepts of community, cooperation, common good and sustainable development? Have there been any significant changes in defining these concepts in recent years?

Pobierz “5. Understanding of the concepts of common good by youth people - GenZ”

5.-Understanding-of-the-concepts-of-common-good-by-youth-people-GenZ.pdf – Pobrano 11 razy – 2,22 MB


Pobierz “5. Understanding of the concepts of common good by youth people - GenZ.pdf”

6.-Attitudes-of-European-youth-towards-environment-.pdf – Pobrano 10 razy – 980,59 KB


At the end of the “Baltic” stage of the Conference, the Partners shared their reflections on the need to continue cooperation in the scope of the project. Many interesting ideas emerged, also during the presentation of the results – this is a promising sign. We would like to thank all Partners for their commitment.